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Institutions Temporarily Under Maintenance
Institutions Temporarily Under Maintenance


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We are currently having some connection issues with the financial institutions listed below. Our engineers are working to stabilize connections with the affected institutions, so please wait for the issues to be resolved.
We are continuing to work toward the completion of fix for connection issue of financial institutions that are expected to be corrected in the long term.

Although we are making steady progress, it is difficult to provide information on the scheduled correction dates as they are subject to change depending on the situation, so we are refraining from disclosing them to the public.

Please do not remove these institutions from Moneytree, since we won’t be able to restore your data once they are removed.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

<Institutions with connection issues affecting all customers>

・Saison Card

・Eikyuu Fumetsu Point(Saison)

・Odakyu Points

These below are estimated long term investigation and fix.

・Bay Crew's Points

・d Card (affecting some customers)

・T Point Card (affecting some customers)

・T Money (affecting some customers)

・Daiwa Securities

・Mizuho Securities Net Club

・Mos Burger

<Institutions with connection issues affecting some customers>

・Yahoo! JAPAN Card (PayPay Card)

<Institutions with connection issues that have been resolved>

・TS3 Card

・CTX Card

If you notice any issues with institutions not listed above, please contact our support team.

For the connection status of Mobile Suica (My JR-EAST), please refer here

For the connection status of JRE Point please refer, please refer here.

For the connection status of Starbucks Card, please refer here.

For the connection status of Onward Members Points, please refer here.

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