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Budget by Category FAQ (iOS only)
Budget by Category FAQ (iOS only)
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Budget by Category FAQ (iOS only)

1.I have cash in for some categories but how come the spending insight shows 0?

The reason for this is because Moneytree only highlights the cash out for the insights. The spending for the month is calculated on the summation of cash in and cash out. In the case that the total summation is positive, we will show 0 spending.

2.Are the notifications sent real time after I make a purchase?

The notifications are calculated after the transactions are fetched locally. The timing of this depends on whether you have daily background update, the weekly or at the time you access the app.

3.I added cash transactions / manual accounts for a category which should reach the 80% or 100% threshold but I am not getting a notification. Why?

Cash transactions / manual accounts are imported once during the day or every time you accesses the app. However, if the transactions are done importing, it will not be included in the budget calculation until the next import timing.

4.When will I receive notifications?

When you set a budget by category and set the amount, Moneytree will send you two notifications: after reaching the 80% and 100% limit.

5.If I increase the original amount after having reached the 80% limit, when next notification is going to come in?

Next notification will be the 100% limit. Total of two notifications per month.

6.If I already reached the 100% threshold and then readjusted the spending limit, will I still receive notifications?

In this case, there will be no notifications for the rest of the month.

7.If I make a large purchase that exceeds both 80% and 100% threshold at once, will Moneytree send two notifications?

Moneytree will just send the 100% notification.

8.If I delete a category after receiving a notification already, will there be additional notifications?

There will be no additional notifications.

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