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Q. After purchasing Moneytree Grow, when will I get my first monthly report?
A. You will get the previous month’s report a few minutes after you purchase Grow. 

Q.  When will I regularly receive the monthly report?
A.  You will receive a monthly report a day after the last day of your spending cycle.

Q.  What if I changed the custom spending cycle in the middle of the month, will I get another monthly report with the new spending cycle?
A.  You can only get one monthly report for each month. If you have not received the monthly report yet and then changed the custom spending cycle then you should receive a monthly report with the custom spending cycle date range reflected.

Q.  Does the data for the monthly report change based on linking or deleting F.Is?
A.  The monthly report is completely static meaning that the data in the report only shows the information at the timing of when the report was generated. Even if you delete accounts or add accounts after the monthly report is created, the information on the Monthly Report will not change for past reports but will update the data for future reports.

Q.  Can I update the transactions of the Monthly Report?
A.  No, as mentioned in the previous answer, the monthly report is completely static so data cannot be updated.

Q.  If I cancel Moneytree Grow and then re-subscribe to Moneytree Grow would  I get all of the past Monthly Reports?
A.  No, you will only get access to the Monthly Reports that you pay for.

Q.  If I cancel Moneytree Grow in the middle of the month, will I still be able to get the Monthly Report for that month?
A. Depends on when the last day of the billing cycle is. If the last day of the billing cycle is before +1 day after the end of the spending cycle, then they will be able to access the monthly report for that month. If it is after they will not be able to access it as it will be hidden behind a paywall. However, the monthly report will be generated already so if they re-subscribe to Moneytree Grow, they will be able to see that month’s monthly report.

Q.  How come my net worth and the cash flow data shown in the monthly report is different than in the graph?
A.  The data in the monthly report all align with the custom spending cycle. For example, if your custom spending cycle is  between November 25, 2019 - December 24, 2019 then the data for net profit and cash in / cash out and spending only calculates transactions between those periods. 

The graphs are currently inconsistent with the monthly report because in the graph, the net worth and cash flow is only calculated by the 1st of the month until the last day of the month. 

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