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How to use Budget by Category (iOS only)
How to use Budget by Category (iOS only)
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If you would like to enable and learn how to Budget by Category feature, follow the steps below.

*If you are using the free version of the app, please subscribe to Moneytree Grow. If you are using Moneytree Work, you will still need to subscribe separately to Moneytree Grow. *This feature is not aligned with Custom Spending Cycle. *For frequently asked questions please refer to this link

1.On the orange screen tap the “Notification” tab in lower right corner.

2.Go to notifications Settings view and tap on “Budget by Category” field. Budget by Category notification is enabled by default. However, you will have to create the budget yourself.

3.Tap on “Create a budget”.

4.Tap “+” and select any category you think your budget should include.

5.Set the amount and tap “Done”.

6.Tap on “Back” and save the setting. Once you set a spending limit for a category, the same spending limit will be set for next month unless you change it. *Even if you set the spending limit in the middle of the month, it is set for the remaining of the current month.

7.You can modify existing budget and change the amount. It is also possible to delete the budget. To delete, tap “View existing budget”

8.Select any existing budget and tap “Delete”.

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