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Affiliated Credit Cards
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There are many affiliated credit cards that Moneytree supports, which are not displayed on the “Financial Services Supported by Moneytree” page.

You can identify and select the credit card you wish to register with Moneytree from the website where you normally check your credit card statements.

  • For Vpass: Sumitomo Mitsui Card

  • For Net Answer: Saison Card

  • For MyJCB: JCB Card

  • For Mitsubishi UFJ Nicos: DC Card or NICOS Card

In addition, some companies issue multiple cards, so please check the brand of your card and select your financial institution:

  • JAL Card: JCB Card, DC Card, MUFG Card, View Card, Diner’s Card etc.

  • ANA Card: Sumitomo Mitsui Card, JCB Card, American Express Card etc.

  • Recruit Card: JCB Card, NICOS Card, DC Card etc.

  • T Card: If the card is affiliated with APLUS Card, register as APLUS Card.

  • ENEOS Card: TS3 Card

  • Edion Card: Orico Card, Cedyna OMC Card

  • “Yahoo! JAPAN Card JCB Card” and “Yahoo! JCB Card”: the former should be registered by “Yahoo! JAPAN Card”, and the latter as “Yahoo! JCB Card”

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