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Charges being doubled from cards and banks
Charges being doubled from cards and banks
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There are instances where charge details obtained from your card company and debits from your bank side are both included as charges, effectively doubling the charges shown in Moneytree.

If that occurs, one possible fix is to change the current details of the debit on the bank side to 'card payment' and thereby displaying the correct charge.

Please follow the steps below to fix.

For iOS & Android 1. Tap on 'Bank debit details'. 2. Scroll down to the debt repayment icon and tap the > icon to the right. 3. Tap 'card payment'.

For Web 1. Click on 'bank debit details'. 2. You will be taken to a new screen, click on ▶️ to the right of 'category'. 3. Scroll down and click on > to the right of 'Debt repayment'. 4. Click on 'card payment'.

The AI will learn your new selection, so once you perform this operation 2-3 times, it will become automatic.

The image below is a reference for iOS.

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