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"Please log in directly" is shown
"Please log in directly" is shown
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If your financial institution data is not being updated, and the "vault" screen shows "Please log in directly", please follow the directions below.

For iOS & Android 1. Log in to the website of the bank or card company (with a PC, tablet, etc). 2. Open the message, enter the required information, and provide consent by following the instructions displayed on the screen. 3. Proceed to the main screen and check all the necessary details. 4. Log out

For Web 1. Log in to the bank (card company) website with a PC, tablet, etc. 2. Open the message, and enter required information and provide consent to items that require them by following the instructions displayed on the screen. 3. Proceed to the screen where you can check details, etc. 4. Log out

After that, reopening Moneytree should trigger an update and your data will be refreshed.

If you still have issues update after following the directions above, please do not hesitate to conact us. We will try and provide a solution.

Please note: Some financial institutions will not allow you to follow-up notifications if you log in using your smartphone. In that case, please try logging in with your PC or tablet. PC versions of the websites can be checked on your smartphone, but the experience is inconsistant due to differences in platform and operating system. Again, if you have any additional issues, feel free to contact us.

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