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I can't receive Password Reset email
I can't receive Password Reset email
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If you cannot receive an email sent from Moneytree to reset your password, there might be two reasons:

  1. The email address is not the one you registered in Moneytree. You registered with a different email address or misspelled your email address when adding it to Moneytree.

  2. The password reset email was blocked.

Since this is an auto generated email, in case of 2. the email might be in the spam folder. Also, you can receive the email by changing the email setting to receive emails from "".

If you continue to use our Moneytree app with an incorrect email address, you won't be able to use it in the long term since you can't complete our email authentication process with it.

Please make sure to register a correct email address for your Moneytree ID.

Also, if you can't open the link with various reasons such as the link doesn't work, there is a possibility that it was blocked by your mailer.

In this case, you may be able to open the link by opening the email in other mailers or web browsers or forward it to other mail accounts and open it from there.

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