Moneytree has been working with our bank partners to establish connectivity with their newly available API connections as part of the 2018’s change to Japan’s Banking Law. These connections facilitate access to data quickly and securely.

Due to this change, Moneytree will change the update frequency for some banks you may have connected to Moneytree as of November 2nd, 2020.

We understand this impacts the usability of our services and we sincerely apologize to customers for the inconvenience caused by this change.

For paid tier subscribers: update up to once a day / For free users: update up to once a week

  • Chugoku Bank (Corporate)

  • Mizuho Bank (Corporate)

  • MUFG Bank (Personal)

  • Toho Bank (Personal / Corporate)

  • Oita Bank (Personal / Corporate)

  • Iwate Bank (Personal / Corporate)

  • Aomori Bank (Personal / Corporate)

  • Tottori Bank (Personal / Corporate)

Update up to once a week for both subscribers and free users

  • Kyoto Bank (Personal)

  • Ikeda Senshu Bank (Personal / Corporate)

  • Fukui Bank (Personal / Corporate)

Updated on Jan 19th, 2021

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