When upgrading or reissuing your credit cards, there are some cases that duplicated cards are showing up in Moneytree. In that case, your old card information will not be updated and the old balance information remains. Also, your credit card transactions are duplicated in new and old cards. As a result, your spending information can't be managed accurately.

Please contact our Customer Support to resolve this issue.

We can take the following actions:

  1. Zero out the balance of your old credit card.

  2. Delete the duplicate transactions in your credit cards.

Please tell our Customer Support the following details:

  1. The name of your credit cards (please also tell us which one is the old card)

  2. The period of duplicate transactions

Please refer to the following link when you need to set a nickname for your credit card name to make it easier to identify each card.

Can I set a nickname for my account?

Additionally, you can also hide your old credit card account.

Please refer to the following FAQ for the details.

Can I hide my account?

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