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How to take a photo of a receipt (Android)
How to take a photo of a receipt (Android)
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There are a few ways to add receipts to Moneytree. One way is taking a photo of a receipt through Cloud Safe.

1.On the Expenses view tap the top right corner and tap Cloud Safe.

2.Tap the Camera icon in the bottom right corner.

3.Hold your phone over the receipt and tap the camera icon to take a photo. You can adjust edges, retake photo or take another one.

4.Tap “Done” to save a new photo in Cloud Safe. You can link it to an already existing or a new transaction later on. Moneytree will also automatically check for a matching transaction.

5.One more way to add a receipt is from “Cash Tracking” page. Tap “+” icon in the bottom corner of the page to create a new cash transaction.

6.Tap “Attachment” to add a photo.

7.Tap “Take a Photo” and attach a receipt.

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