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How does Automatic Expense Detection feature work (Android)
How does Automatic Expense Detection feature work (Android)

How does Automatic Expense Detection feature work (Android)

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If you have work-related expenses occurring on a monthly basis, by enabling the Automatic Expense Detection feature, there will be no need to manually mark transactions as “Work”. Moneytree’s AI automatch process will do that for you by learning from your past activities. Once the feature is enabled, Moneytree AI will suggest transactions that are potential work related expenses. You then have the option to review and confirm each of the transactions. Let's take a look at the process.

1.Expenses identified by the Automatic Expense Detection feature will be marked with a robot icon, which you can see on both Balances and Spending cards. To review an expense tap on any transaction with the robot icon.

2.Tap “Yes” if the Moneytree AI has correctly recognized it as a work expense. Tap "No" if the transaction is inaccurately detected as a work expense, and it will be saved automatically as a personal transaction.

3.Alternatively you can slide the toggle to “Personal” and tap the “Save” button in the top right corner and the transaction will be saved as personal spending. The Moneytree AI suggestions will become more accurate over time.

4.It is also possible to review an expense from the Work Expenses view without going through many details. This convenient method will save you time and energy. If you are sure the auto-matched transactions on the Work view are all work expenses, tap Unclaimed Transactions.

5.Tap Create Claim and complete the flow. Once a claim is created, all auto-matched transactions will be confirmed as “Work”.

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