The bulk review feature allows you to review all auto-matched transactions at once. Here is how you can do it.

1.On the Work Expenses view, tap the “Unclaimed Transactions”.

2.Tap the Review matched expenses” button to preview auto-matched transactions with more details.

3.On the “Review Matched Expenses” view the toggle on the right side shows “Work” by default. If you would like to keep auto-matched transactions as work expenses, tap “Done” and all transactions will be confirmed as “Work”. If you would like to change a few transactions back to Personal, just slide the toggle to Personal and tap “Done”. All changes will be saved at once.

*Note: If you tap “←”, all changes will be discarded.You can go back to the Unclaimed Transactions view and review the auto-matched transactions again at your convenience.

4.If you would like to see more details, and review each transaction more carefully, tap the left side of an expense on the Review Expenses view.

5.Tap “Yes” to confirm it is a work expense, and it will be confirmed and removed from the list of auto-matched expenses. Alternatively, tap “No” and the expense will be saved as a personal spending, and will also be removed from the list of auto-matched expenses.

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